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I’ve been wanting to showcase the series a good friend of mine writes for sometime, and today’s the day! You can’t go wrong with four brothers with the last name of Blackhawk based in Montana, right? I’ve enjoyed each book in this series, and as one of the people who got a sneak peek of book three, I’m very much looking forward to the next two books. The only down side is that there are only four brothers. I’m not going to be ready to stop reading about Blackhawk, Montana, and the family that shapes the small town into a friendly, helpful place.

Okay, I’d better stop there and turn this over to Lavada or you’ll be reading this blog all day! 🙂

Lavada says:

Lace, thank you for having me on your blog and part of your Series Celebration. Like you, I’ve found I love reading series, so no wonder I finally just had to write one.

The Blackhawk Brothers series is about four brothers. Native American and Irish heritage blend to make them a band of handsome, alpha males who meet their match with over the top heroines. Book one and two are published. Book three is written, but on the advice of my writing partners who want the last book to follow close behind. I’m holding off a bit before sending it to the publisher.

The books are stand-alone so can easily be read out of sequence.

ldee-bb-nothing3Nothing To Lose
Amazon Review

“I love romance books and tend to lean more to the erotic romance novels because plain romance just doesn’t make me feel the connection to the characters. While this one was not an erotic romance, the author did not leave me wanting. 

Ms. Dee has written this book so well, that I felt all the love, lust, pain, and happiness that the need for my usual erotic novels wasn’t there. This is a quick read, and I will definitely be adding this author to my “must read” list. 

Make sure you have a box of tissues handy because I surely needed them, not only for the sad parts but for the happy ones as well. I look forward to reading more about he Blackhawk brothers. Great book!”

ld-bb-chosetolove3Choose To Love

Life has dealt Baylee Gallagher a hard hand but she embraces the saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. A fighter, she is used to getting what she wants. All she’s had to do is work harder and longer. Now with a successful career she is ready to start the next phase of her life, building a family. But, a family to her means a baby, not a man in her life. She’s set to use a sperm bank until she sees Doctor Grant Blackhawk. He’s perfect, and in her direct way she decides to just ask him to father her baby. With no prior warning she arranges to meet him.

Dr. Grant Blackhawk is blindsided when Baylee propositions him. He’s against single parenting by choice. He doesn’t see her request as a compliment and makes it crystal clear. So why can’t he get her out of his mind? Long after she is back in San Francisco, she is still haunting his dreams. Adding to his torment is the fact that the totem he denies exists is asserting itself. Its surreal instincts know Baylee is Grant’s mate, or in the pure human vernacular, his soul mate.

A Warrior’s Love – No cover yet and I can hardly wait to see what my publisher will come up with. Here’s an excerpt from the story.

A warm breeze flowed around them, and in the way of dreams, Nadia found herself standing in a clearing. Trees formed an umbrella over her and Tyrell.
“Are you afraid of me?”
She was surprised when she heard her voice answer. “No, I’m not afraid.”
His voice was low and deep, barely more than a whisper. It moved over, and through her. “You belong to me.”
“I belong to no one.”
“When you wake up you will know. Until then…” His hands spanned her waist, and he turned her so her back was to him. He put one arm just under her breasts letting the weight of them rest on his forearms.
He moved the other arm across her stomach, resting his hand so that his arms surrounded her. She should feel trapped by his power, instead felt enfolded in a warm, safe cocoon. He pulled her against him, showing her his desire.
She drew in a deep breath. They were in a high meadow, and she could see for miles. A soft breeze blew the grasses and the stars shone in a cloudless sky, illuminating the ground around them. Nadia could feel Tyrell’s lips move over her shoulder, scattering kisses. A low growl emanated from him, and again left her boneless.
She tried to turn, seeking his mouth with hers, but he held her fast.
“Shh, my love. Stay quiet and let me hold you.”
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Spicy: http://lavadadee.com
Spicier: http://sadiesinclairauthor.com/


5 comments on “Celebrating Series – Lavada Dee

  1. Tricia Jones says:

    Ooh, I just love those Blackhawk brothers and will be so sorry when the series ends. Lavada, maybe we can convince you to bring around a cousin or two once the brothers’ stories have been told?

  2. Great series and four awesome heroes, love it, Lavada!!

  3. Lavada Dee says:

    Thanks for having me Lace and best wishes for this great new Secret Series. I love every one of the stories.

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