Secrets Conclusion: Metamorphosis released today!

With the release of Metamorphosis today, the Secrets series reaches its end. Drea Fortier’s the reclusive woman who has helped four (or more?) couples find their way past the secrets in their lives. In this final novella, all the pain, anguish, and terror of Drea’s life coalesce. Michael Smith is determined to show the woman he loves (sight unseen) that there is life after bad, all while trying to keep her past from killing her.shutterstock_90644329

It took me about a year and a half to write these five stories. The entire time, there were a few pictures I used to inspire me and keep me focused on these characters. This is the first picture I found and is absolutely Drea Fortier, hiding from her past, ignoring the present as much as possible, and not able to even consider a future.

In Metamorphosis, the cowl comes off and we get our first good look at the woman who’s remained hidden through all these stories. As Michael tries to help Drea claw her way out of the darkness in this final story, I focused on these two pictures.

To me, they say HOPE. And that’s something I believe we all need to survive.

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 Thank you all for coming along with me on this amazing journey! And stay tuned for more information, including a contest.






Secrets series

In a few short hours, Metamorphosis, the final book in the SECRETS series, will be live and available at Evernight Publishing, All Romance eBooks, and Amazon. Whew. I’ve been living with this series, and these characters, for a long time. It’s almost painful to have this final story about to wing it’s way into the e-sphere. But I’m also very excited for you all to finally see Drea’s story unfold.

In anticipation of Metamorphosis’ release, I offer these digital postcards, reminders of the folks Drea has helped so far:

Masquerade Poster copy

Ivory Tower Poster copy

Perception Poster copy

Pandora's Shame Poster copy

And a teaser to hold you over until tomorrow:

Metamorphosis Poster copy