Review – Masquerade, book 1 of the Secrets Series

I am SO stoked that Masquerade got this awesome FIVE-cup review from Coffee Time Romance! This first story in the Secrets series holds a special place in my heart, first because I wrote this introduction to Drea’s story first and it became the idea that sprouted a series. And Beth and Tony were the perfect couple to start it off with. They have some serious hurt going on, and Drea can help them past it.

Here’s what Delane at Coffee Time Romance said:

Beth is tired of letting the words of her ex-husband determine her ability to feel happiness. She answers an ad and is given the chance to find the pieces of her lost in a hopeless marriage.

All Tony was looking for was another chance to see Beth; the woman he could never forget. He hurt her and himself deeply due to the lies of another woman and now he hopes Beth can forgive him and give him one more try.

Beth wants Anthony, but there are rules and one is no fraternizing with the guests or the other employees. Is she willing to throw away the chance to find herself for one night with Anthony? Will discovering Anthony’s true identity change how Beth feels, or will she feel betrayed and walk away?

The story of Beth and Tony will bring a tear to the reader. I was intrigued by the by the character Drea who orchestrates happily ever afters for others but unable to find it for herself. The writing is smoothly flowing and keeps the reader’s attention through every page. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Daltyn and the Masquerade which is an opening salvo to a series which promises great things.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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One comment on “Review – Masquerade, book 1 of the Secrets Series

  1. Lavada Dee says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved review. I’ve read all the stories and loved each the best as I read it. Having the series come out so close together made it seem like Christmas when you open one beautifully wrapped gift and can see the others sitting there waiting.

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