A New Release and a Giveaway

Hey, everyone! Guess what? I’ve got a new short story hot off the presses called Maggie’s New Toy. Released today, this story is completely different from any heroine I’ve written to date and was a blast to write. Maggie is a take-charge and take no prisoners kind of gal who’s itching to, well, scratch an itch. It’s fun, fast, and hot.

Here’s the specs about Maggie and her new toy. At the end, I’ve got a special giveaway announcement…

Maggie needs a new car, but finds herself revved up over the hot salesman.


The Story:

When brash redhead Maggie Mae McDonough walks into the showroom and selects Sam Preston to show her cars, he not only says no, he says “Hell, no!” She’d cut him off in traffic, spilling coffee all over him and his car. If that weren’t enough, the way she moved, spoke, acted, and looked made him hot under the hood. He didn’t need this distraction. Not when he’s working two jobs just to make ends meet.

Maggie doesn’t need love. Some hot, sweaty sex would sure be nice, though. It had been way too long. But when she lays eyes on Sam, both her heart and her libido rumble like the throaty roar of a muscle car. She should steer clear…way clear. Love only hurts. So why does she decide he’s the only one who can help her?

Buy links:

Evernight Publishing


The Giveaway:

Monday, I’ll be selecting one of my newsletter followers to receive a free copy of Maggie’s New Toy. You can join my newsletter list via my website or by clicking this newsletter link.


2 comments on “A New Release and a Giveaway

  1. Congratulations on Maggies New Toy. I had the pleasure of pre-release reading it and highly recommend it. Fast, hot, funny, it’s a great way to spend some outdoor patio ‘me’ time.

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