Hi. I’m Lace Daltyn and I write erotic, sensual stories filled with emotion. Since I love happily ever after endings, I follow the fairy tale through to its logical conclusion. Okay, so sometimes it’s not so logical. But it makes sense to the heart, and that’s the important part to me. I also write romantic escapes under the pen name Laurie Ryan.

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     While writing my first erotic story, I wrote this smokin’ hot kissing scene that I fell in love with. It was then that I realized it was all about the kiss, which became my tag line.

Think about it. A kiss, that FIRST kiss, changes everything. It’s a declaration, a point of no return. It says “I’m interested.” Or “You feel like my brother.” (Ouch!) Either way, the relationship will almost always change after that first kiss.

Picture this: Your hero has loved the heroine for years. She thinks of him only as her best friend. One day, they’re out hiking and she’s talking about some date she went on. The hero can’t take it anymore, so he grasps her arms, whirling her around to face him. With no hesitation, he dips his head and kisses her. Not the soul-searching, can-you-love-me-back kind of kiss. This one is hard, tinged with anger and filled with need he can no longer deny.

When he pushes back from her, anger has been replaced by a devouring panic. He’s just laid it all out there. Will she reject him?

She stares at him with wide eyes, two fingers touching lips well used. She’s shocked. Not just by the passion of his kiss, but by the intensity of her response. She liked it. A lot. A slow smile spreads across her face as the last cracks in her heart heal and she’s made whole.

He grins back, pulling her into his arms where they can begin to explore this new relationship.

The search is over. That’s why, to me, it’s all about the kiss. Especially that first touch. And the moments that lead up to it as he slowly dips his head…

Thoughts by Lace Daltyn